Moodle…Coming to a GP near you

 The brand new GP Moodle is in progress. The class of 2011 will be able to submit forms directly to your English teacher, your flex bell teacher, the Graduation Project Committee, and the Graduation Project Coordinator all with just a few clicks.

As the spring semester gets underway, juniors are beginning the proposal process for Graduation Project. In just a few weeks, all juniors will be able to submit their Graduation Project Proposal forms electronically through the GP Moodle. Once students submit their proposals, they will go to the Graduation Project Committee for approval.  After they are approved, proposal forms will be housed on the Moodle so that students and teachers can refer back to them throughout the Graduation Project process.

When the Moodle is up and running, I will put together a few short tutorial videos that will help you navigate throught the different components.  Until then, be on the look out for a moodle coming to a GP near you!

Scoring Reminders

Dear CCHS Faculty,

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we will be scoring the research papers for all January presenters. I wanted to take time to post the rubric which can be found on pages 31-34 of the CCHS Graduation Project Handbook. We have not scored papers since last April, so please take a few minutes and reacquaint yourself with the rubric. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. I will also be going over the rubrics briefly before the scoring sessions of Monday and Tuesday.

FYI: This year you may see a few changes in the formatting of the in-text citations and works cited pages. These changes are a result of the updates made in the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook. If you would like more information about the changes that you may encounter, please check out the Online Writing Lab at Purdue.

Also, if you need a refresher on the difference between primary and secondary sources, please take a look at the resources linked below.


Mrs. Spence

Tweet Tweet!

We are now tweeting! Keep up with the latest Currituck High Graduation Project news by following us on Twitter at CCHS_GP. Mrs. Spence will be tweeting about upcoming deadlines, resources, and all things Graduation Project so be sure to follow along.

If you don’t have a twitter account, it’s easy to create one at

Stu What?

On January 4th, all fall presenters need to have their PowerPoints saved to the Student Shared Drive (stushared). It is very important that your PowerPoint makes it here because this is the only way that we can guarantee that we will have a copy of your PowerPoint on presentation day. If you choose not to save to the Student Shared Drive, you are on your own on presentation day.

For step-by-step instructions on saving to the Student Shared Drive, check out the screencast below. Once you have saved, make sure that your PowerPoint not only appears in the Student Shared Drive but also opens correctly.

Saving to Student Shared Drive Screencast

If you are still having problems, please see me, Mrs. Spence,  for help.  Also, if you are using another presentation tool (other than PowerPoint) please let me know as soon as possible.

October Knight of the Month

Each month the Explore. Dream. Discover. Blog will highlight a student who is going above and beyond with his/her Graduation Project. Our knight of the month for October is Kayla Biskup.

Kayla is completing her Graduation Project in the field of Veterinary Science. She has been working diligently on her research gathering data about how the current recession is affecting pet owners and interviewing employees at Martin’s Point Veterinary Clinic. She has spent several days working with veterinary technicians and gaining hands-on experience in the clinic. Below she can be seen helping out with a checkup on a newly adopted beagle.

Kayla Biskup

Kayla told me that the Beagle was taken to the local shelter after the clinic refused to euthanized this perfectly healthy pup. Luckily, one of the vet techs fell in love with the adorable dog and gave him a good home. With Kayla’s help, local pet owners are learning ways to take care of their pets in the current economy. Keep up the great work Kayla!

Who will be our November Knight of the Month? Will it be you?

EMT Ridealong Program

The Currituck County Fire-EMS has developed a ride along program for students 16 and older. This experience can be used as the product portion of your Graduation Project. All you have to do is fill out the paperwork, drop it off at the Shawboro Fire Department, complete the required training, and you’re on your way!

For more information about this great opportunity, see Mrs. Spence or check out the information below.

Currituck County Fire-EMS Ride Along Program

Powerpoint Reminders

During your GP presentation, you will use a Powerpoint to organize your information for the judges. In your Powerpoint you need to include present the content of your research paper as well as evidence of your product (pictures, documents, etc.). Your Powerpoint needs to be professional and well organized. Check out the comedy sketch below for helpful hints about what not to do when creating a Powerpoint.

Life After Death PowerPoint from EMT Media on Vimeo.

When you finish your Powerpoint, you need to save it to the shared drive in the GP Powerpoint Folder. Step-by-step instructions on how to save to the shared drive will be posted on the blog soon.

General Info.

This year I have put together a Gradation Project Handbook which houses all things Graduation Project. Many of the questions that you may have about the GP can be answered in the handbook. To view an electronic copy of the handbook please go to the CCHS Graduation Project Webpage. You will also find electronic copies of all of the forms needed for GP on this page.


Welcome to be Currituck County High School Graduation Project Blog. As the new Graduation Project Coordinator, I am hoping that this blog will allow me to effectively communicate important information about the CCHS Graduation Project to students, parents, and faculty.

Check out the blog to find out about:

  • upcoming due dates
  • potential paper topics
  • job shadowing opportunities
  • product ideas
  • general GP information
  • much, much more!!!